What We Do

Develop Consulting is a team of change management specialists working with organizations to deliver end to end transformational change to improve quality, increase efficiency, and decrease cost. We provide Lean Six Sigma and Operational Excellence training and consulting services.

Underpinned by the principles of Lean Six-Sigma and Continuous Improvement methodology, we deploy our ‘Operational Excellence’ model to support organizations address 4 critical objectives:

Strategic Alignment

Building Capability to Work at Scale

Performance Management

Doing More with Less

High Performing Culture

Innovation and Breaking Barriers

Process Excellence

A Smarter Way of Working


We take the time to fully understand the situation. Thorough diagnosis is the first step towards successful improvement.


Coaching and training tailored to fit your unique situation. Training based on Lean principles.


We work shoulder to shoulder alongside your team to create a culture change and ensure improvements are sustainable.