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Healthcare Transformation

With our lean healthcare consulting services, Develop Consulting has reduced emergency department length of stay by


Develop Consulting Lean Healthcare

Healthcare providers across Canada face many challenges from an ageing population with increasingly complex needs to performance and financial pressures from local and provincial funders.

From hospitals and emergency rooms to primary care clinics, to long-term care homes and labs, healthcare systems are changing, moving to meet the needs of today’s sophisticated patients with high expectations.

As the challenge and pace of change increases, what can hospitals further undertake to continue this work, and take improvements and transformation to the next level? Develop Consulting has supported many healthcare providers in Ontario to design and create transformational improvements to achieve their financial and care delivery goals.


Long-Term Care Homes

Primary Care

How Develop Consulting Can Help Healthcare Organizations

Utilizing Lean and Six Sigma approaches for healthcare focused on process improvement, one on one coaching, and root causes analysis, the team at Develop Consulting work shoulder to shoulder with staff and management to create sustainable improvements.

We have helped healthcare organizations (hospitals, long term care facilities, primary care, medical clinics and laboratories, public health, pharmacies, etc.) across Windsor, Toronto, and Ontario, Canada improve their processes in many ways.

Some of those improvements include:

  • Increased Pay for Results funding as a result of a reduction in Emergency Department Length of Stay
  • Reductions in negative events for Long Term Care residents (reduction in falls, reduction in incontinence, reduction in responsive behaviours)
  • Reduction in Conservable Days
  • 30% savings in incontinence product expenditures
  • 60 minute reduction in Ambulatory Care clinic wait times
  • 11% increase in Cardiac Catheterization Lab procedures within current staffing and budget
  • 10 minute reduction in turn-around time for Operating Rooms
  • Increased collaboration in community health services provision

What we do

Remove waste, minimize inventories and increase productivity

Help manage demand and maintain workforce levels

Make you operationally efficient and ready for the future

Efficiency and Performance

Meeting the challenges of a changing marketplace for healthcare in Ontario, Canada requires new approaches to improving operational efficiency and performance.

At Develop Consulting, we apply proven Lean and Six-Sigma techniques to improve patient and client experiences by designing care that is aligned and responsive to patient needs within current staff and budget allocations. The Develop Consulting team engages healthcare workplaces staff in improvements, matching Lean methodology with experience and innovation to create sustainable change and build capacity for continuous improvement. Some of the areas that we support healthcare organizations to focus on are:

  • Improved quality & patient satisfaction

  • Reduction of wait times for services

  • Increasing patient/client loads within existing budgets

  • Reducing cycle times for procedures

  • Increasing coordination and collaboration of care

  • Decreasing errors

  • Improved area layouts

  • Decreased expenditures on essential supplies

  • Increased productivity & reduced downtime

  • Increased employee morale, engagement, and ownership

  • Lean & Six-Sigma training and certification for Healthcare providers in Ontario

How We Do it

Harnessing our Toyota and sector experience to bring you ‘best in class’ thinking

Working with you to transfer knowledge to your team ensuring sustainability

Focusing on people and processes to build solutions that empower staff

For additional information regarding our consulting services for lean healthcare or if you have any questions about the lean process, please contact us today.