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Food Beverage Lean Consultants Shaping the Future of the Agri-Food Sector in Ontario, Canada

Our Food and Beverage Lean Consultants have saved the Agri-Food sector across Ontario in excess of


through the application of Lean Manufacturing principles and Six-Sigma methodologies.

Maximize Agri-Food Efficiency and Production

Since inception, Develop Consulting has been supporting some of the world’s largest food and beverage processors, greenhouses, growers, and manufacturers in Ontario, Canada, to remove waste from process, maximizing efficiency and production, increasing profits and providing a competitive edge.




Food and Beverage Lean Consultants Process Improvement

Utilizing Lean and Six Sigma approaches focused on process improvement, one on one coaching, and root causes analysis, the team at Develop Consulting work shoulder to shoulder with staff and management to create sustainable improvements for your Agri-Food organization.

As Food and Beverage Lean Consultants, we provide solutions to Agri-Food organizations (food processors, distributors, retailers, fruit processors, meal kit producers, beverage processing and packaging, greenhouse growers, breweries and distilleries, dairy farms, etc.), from Windsor, Leamington, London, through to Toronto and across Ontario to process more efficiently at all levels. Through the use of our Lean production consulting services and Lean training classes, we have improved their processes in many ways.

Some of the improvements include:

  • $300,000 savings through redesign of downgrading process for one of North America’s largest fruit processors
  • $200,000 savings through design of U-shaped cells at a Meal Kit producer, resulting in a 26% increase in labour efficiency and 26% reduction in meal kit cost
  • $600,000 savings achieved in production line efficiencies at one of Canada’s largest greenhouse growers through implementation of visual management systems
  • Introduced Lean systems to a world-renowned beer brand increasing overall plant capacity by 17%, improved overall equipment efficiency (OEE) by 10%, and increased line speeds across five main stock keeping units (SKUs) by 7%
  • 50% reduction of split shifts reducing operating costs by $200,000 per annum
  • Generated an additional $1,000,000 in revenue through a 50% reduction in downtime at a leader in dough and batter-based food

Are you a food or beverage processor in British Columbia?

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How Lean Process Improvement Can Help the Agri-Food Sector

Remove waste, minimize inventories and increase productivity

Help manage demand and maintain workforce levels

Make you operationally efficient and ready for the future

Improve operational efficiency and performance

Rising demand, changing consumer tastes, increased reliance on automated operations and wage increases are key issues across the food, beverage, and agricultural sector. Meeting the challenges of a changing marketplace requires new approaches to improving operational efficiency and performance.

At Develop Consulting, we apply proven Lean and Six-Sigma techniques to minimize inventories, manage demand, and maintain the right workforce levels. We work alongside staff and leadership to create sustainable change and build capacity for continuous improvement. Some of the areas that we support organization to focus on for the food, beverage, and agricultural sectors are:

  • Improved quality & customer satisfaction

  • Reduction of errors

  • Reduced food waste

  • Reduced water waste

  • Increased productivity & reduced downtime

  • Increased employee morale, engagement, and ownership

  • Facility layout

  • Increased throughout

How Our Lean Production Consulting Helps

Harnessing our Toyota and sector experience to bring you ‘best in class’ thinking

Working with you to transfer knowledge to your team ensuring sustainability

Focusing on people and processes to build solutions that empower staff

For additional information regarding our Lean management consulting services or if you have any questions about the Lean process, please contact our food and beverage Lean consultants today.